Hey All! Today I am here to share a few simple tips, which I feel are very important if you are moving or travelling to Hong Kong! Moving out of my comfort zone has taught a lot of things which I never used to back home. If you are a foodie, homesick or basically moving or travelling to Hong Kong and wanting to know a few little things which actually matter, continue reading πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

Hong Kong Part 1

  1. Food – As soon as you land, the first obvious thing is food!! if you belong to idli-vada-dosa-masala dosa category, come prepared to make your own batter, which basically takes a few hours but feels like an eternity by the time dosa comes to your plate. It is then you realise how simple and quick it is to make Rice and Rasam, or even Aloo paratha! Make sure to carry a small rice cooker and the necessary accessories to cook a basic meal, since the prices here for the same can be a little too high. If you are fairly new to cooking, you are not alone πŸ˜› and we have the technology to save us, be it video calling your mom or cooking channels on youtube πŸ™‚

There are a good amount of Indian Restaurants in Hong Kong – Woody’s, Tulsi, Himalayan, Branto, Saravana Bhavan, Bombay Dreams, Sangeetha, Curry leaf, Jo Jo to name a few.

2. Hong Kong Observatory App – This is an app for weather which you need to install as soon as you get a good wifi connection. The weather in Hong Kong is on the extreme scale, June and July witnesses crazy rainfall and this app in particular helped us plan our move since it notifies about the warnings ranging from thunderstorm, typhoon, very hot weather to every small detail like humidity which goes till 95%(toughest to deal with!!), UV index, weather forecast for the next few days etc. This app took me by surprise since it is accurate, up to date obviously and saves you from getting drenched in a heavy downpour when you hardly expect a drizzle! Don’t forget to tuck an umbrella in your bag every time you step out πŸ™‚

3. Octopus card – A smart card which can be used for public transport, dining, shopping and practically accepted in most places. If you want to use effectively the MTR(local train) you need to have this card. Can be recharged at any MTR station or 7-eleven.

4. A comfortable pair of shoesΒ – If you are looking to explore the city, ditch those designer heels and bring on the comfiest pair of footwear on! This is a necessity and only a comfortable slip-on or shoes can save your feet from getting sore. When in Hong Kong you have to walk, be it inside the train stations, malls or basically wherever you want to get to, you need to walk..a LOT!!

5. Indian groceries – I personally order from 2 stores –Β Maharaja Mart(order placed over call) stocks up on almost every basic ingredient you would need on an everyday basis and they deliver the order the very next day which is super quick,Β Regency spices is a dedicated herb and spices online store, which is great if you are looking for whole or freshly ground spices.

For fresh vegetables and fruits, the wet/farmer’s market is the best since it is a lot cheaper than in any of the food marts. Among the food marts, Wellcome and Fusion have the best varieties, fresh batch of milk, curd/yoghurt and any other dairy product(Kowloon Diary ones are a personal favourite). Oh for vegans, they stock on fresh soy milk too πŸ™‚

6. IKEA, JHCΒ – The best and fuss-free places to buy everything you need to set up a new home!

7. When Youtube becomes a daily dose of news, entertainment and guide – No Joke! I laughed when a friend of mine told this but now I am a firm believer πŸ˜› At times staying away from your loved ones can take a toll on your daily life and that is when I really loved watching some simple inspiring videos for lifestyle, skin care and cooking through a few channels, listing them below!

Few of my fav youtube channels: Pick up limes, Jenny Mustard, Gothamista, Liahyoo, Mr.JovitaGeorge, Scherezade Shroff, Kabita’s Kitchen, Swayampaaka, Hebbar’s Kitchen

8. From bustling streets to peaceful getaways – Small cozy cafes to quirky loud pubs, dining by the harbour to sipping wine with view of the city’s skyline from a 30+ floor restaurant, hiking to the gorgeous sunrises and sunset, Β taking a boat off to nearby islands or hopping on a tram to get a feel of the 1904 vintage vibes, Hong Kong has a lot to offer!

More on it in this post πŸ™‚

9. Shopper’s Paradise (do not get carried away) – For a shopaholic soul in you, come mentally prepared not to get carried away because there is so much skin care, beauty, makeup, fragrance, bags, accessories, clothes, footwear of various brands from all over the world. Very easily over whelming but do keep a check on how much you are splurging because, there is a big brands mall in every other area and if you really need that Korean skin care product, you probably will be able to find a better deal in another outlet πŸ˜› Yes it is true! So keep calm and shop wise πŸ™‚

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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