Welcome to Dollup and Run!

I am Vaishnavi, the Author and editor of this blog. An Engineer by profession but writing and expressing my love for makeup, beauty, travel, food and life in general has been a passion.

Dollup and Run


Doll up and run is to bring out the simplistic side of makeup, skincare and hair care for the women who have very minimal time to doll up as they need to run out to conquer the world every single day!

In this blog, I share all of –

  • Makeup, beauty, skincare and hair care
  • Places I travel, be it in my city or anywhere in the world
  • Snippets to Live Life Simple and Positive
  • Food I love and enjoy (eating) the most

Few things to consider before we start off –

  • I have fair to medium skintone with warm undertones and i am an NC41-NC42 in MAC foundations for reference
  • My hair is black and wavy
  • My skin is oily for most part of the year except for winters when it turns to combination
  • I like more of neutrals in my eye makeup and favourite shades for lips include rosy pink and red


Say Hello to Jyothi, a bestie and a fellow creative photographer for this blog. You can check her instagram page for more of her work. (Photo credits would be stated at the end of respective contributed posts)

In case of any questions or requests you can drop me a mail at vaishnavi@dollupandrun.com or dollupandrun@gmail.com